= 1,000,000,000,000,000 bytes
= 1,000,000,000,000 kb
= 1,000,000,000 mb
= 1,000,000 gb
= 1,000 tb

  • The Internet Archive contains almost 2 petabytes of data.
  • Google processes about 20 petabytes of data a day.
  • The 4 experiments in the Large Hadron Collider will produce about 15 petabytes of data per year, which will be distributed over the LHC Computing Grid.
  • Facebook has just over 1 petabyte of users’ photos stored, translating into roughly 10 billion photos.
  • Rapidshare has 4.5 petabytes of storage for users (April 2008)
1 comment
  1. Dodi WS said:

    Ip, ne Dodi temen waktu 70. Gmana kabarnya? Hehehe. Btw saya perlu bantuanmu. Kenalkan sama Ary Mesin 95? Bisa minta CP nya? Yang lama juga gak papa nanti sy coba trace sendiri. Trims

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